Our Services

Our services below are just some of our wide range of activities such as fleet planning, aircraft type evaluation, software & reservation system selection, route study, network planning, revenue management ... 
We do not only consult but we can also manage to deliver and make things happen
Strategy & Organization

Setting a Strategy and designing the right organization are essential for the future of aviation companies. Only a precise planning offers the chance to survive and expand in a dynamic world.


We can support you in the determination of a long-term strategy and corporate policy.


Economic Analysis

A well-organized economic analysis is the most essential precondition to an efficient management. The introduction of an economic analysis unit inside the organization should have absolute priority within a company. We can  support you setting up a route profitability calculation. We take care to set up an economic analysis and controlling unit that accompanies the project from the beginning or at any point during operation to secure efficiency of organization and quality of work carried out.


Starting from a SWOT-analysis, we develop conceptions to enable your business to operate successfully in your market segments, to materialize existing potential and to gain additional market share.


On this basis we support you with product design and pricing as well as efficient distribution channels.


It is an important tool to improve the outcome quality of the employees. Logos, in co-operation with some International business partners offers a variety of training programs i.e.: language courses, commercial courses, management courses, pilot training and simulators.


Companies without an efficient controlling will not survive in the long term, since there is no precise management control.


Starting from a well-organized revenue and financial accounting with the help of a modern, multi-level economic analysis, we  support you to set up an internal controlling system as early warning tool.

Purchase Management

Logos is not a traditional supplier for its clients, our team initially studies the requirements, the substantial improvements and then recommend the right solution and proper product. 


Through our network of worldwide suppliers we are able to suggest / offer the best value for purchases 


We build your image and save your money


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